Thursday, 4 February 2010

Hines Sight Reviews and Signed Picture

The reviews for Hines Sight have started to appear now: commented: 'Hines has a nice easy reading style of writing, but in the end the book has less to do with his two well known roles and more to do about Hines as a person, and let’s face it that’s the sort of thing you really want to read in an autobiography.' loved the book: 'the book ... is peppered with hundreds of anecdotes that will entertain, amuse and move even the most hard to please fan.' and 'The book comes into its own when Frazer covers broken relationships and marriages. Obviously writing honestly he delivers accounts of failed associations with respect for all concerned. It’s mature, considered and above everything else honest.

'Hines Sight is a great book about one of Britain’s most interesting and charming actors.'

More as and when we see them ...

Meanwhile, Frazer has added a UK postal ordering option for the book - instructions to the right - and also, by popular demand, an autograph card is also now available to order online or by post in the UK. The picture is from the location recording for the Doctor Who story 'The Two Doctors' and Frazer will sign and dedicate it as you request.