A brand new CD audio reading by Frazer, of a story called The Piper's Lament written by David J Howe. This is not a Doctor Who audio, but the story of the early life of a Scottish Highlander, who has forgotten his name, and who has a blank patch in his life that he cannot account for.

It combines Frazer's reading talents with some excellent sound design and production from Robin Good to create a moving and evocative tale of love and loss.

'A great tale by David Howe riddled with pathos and the injustice of a man left behind and without the most important thing he possesses, that of his memories ... Frazer Hines’ rich delivery on the audio drama is worthy of the script and it is pleasure to hear him talk, to take on the voice of the man cast adrift in his own time but with no knowledge of how he got there.' Ian D Hall, Liverpool Sound and Vision

'The script itself is gorgeous, too. Essentially designed to give the character of Jamie a proper moment of rediscovery, it manages to be far, far more than just a string of fan-pleasing references ... It is, absolutely, a love-letter to the character of Jamie McCrimmon, and perhaps to Frazer Hines himself, but a carefully constructed letter that manages not to gush. It's a celebration of Jamie, not just of his TARDIS adventures, but of his character, and of his own personal history.' Morgue of Intrigue

The CD runs for just over an hour and comes signed by Frazer.



Price including p+p

Listen to Frazer telling his story in his own words. An unabridged reading by Frazer Hines of the Hines Sight autobiography.

The audio edition of Hines Sight comes pre-loaded to a 512Mb USB stick as MP3 files. These can then be played on a PC, or loaded by the user to an MP3 player of their choice. Each USB comes with a protective case, which is signed by Frazer.

Price including p+p

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