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The Evil of the Daleks is one of the true classic stories of Doctor Who from the sixties. Long missing from the archives (except for episode two), the adventure has now been recreated and reimagined in animated form for release on DVD, Blu-Ray and Steelbook (Blu-Ray) formats.

Frazer is delighted to be able to offer PERSONALISED and SIGNED copies of this release. The story is not released until the end of September 2021, and so we are expecting to be able to ship the signed products out during October 2021. Exact dates etc depend on the BBC's release date, and Frazer's availability to sign thereafter (he is expecting to be in the USA for conventions during November, and has a Pantomime over Christmas 2021, so if the release is delayed, then this is likely to impact on when we can get the signed copies sorted and sent).

Orders can be taken worldwide, but please note that these are the UK releases of the story only, and therefore may not play on machines anywhere other than the UK. We take no responsibility for this, and no returns will be allowed if the format does not play in your region.

No returns are permitted on this item as they are being signed and personalised.

Please click the link below to take you to ordering pages for the appropriate release. Please remember to select the correct option for your location as the shipping costs vary widely depending on that. Payment is taken at the time of ordering.

If you would like the item to be PERSONALISED as well as SIGNED, then please send a separate email to orders@frazerhines.co.uk with details of what personalisation you would like. Please also include your name and shipping address so we can make sure we tie the details of the personalisation to the order.

NB: the link takes you to a SumUp ordering page which is operated by Frazer Hines.


After too many years of there being no figures of Frazer as Jamie McCrimmon available, thanks to our friends at Warlord Games, there is now, finally, a small metal miniature of Frazer as Jamie McCrimmon.

This figure stands 3.5cm tall and comes in unpainted metal, with a small plastic stand. Pictured above is a figure 'straight from the box', and one which has had a black ink wash applied to it to bring out the details. Each pack contains just ONE FIGURE.

This figure is EXCLUSIVE to Frazer Hines, and will only be available from him, via this site, or directly at conventions and events he is attending. There is a Second Doctor and Companions pack available from Warlord, but this has a DIFFERENTLY POSED Jamie figure in. So this is your chance to pick up a true collectible, and a metal miniature which will not be available elsewhere. Within each pack there is a Warlord backing sheet, and Frazer will sign and dedicate this as required. Please add your required dedication below. Shipping is included in the price, so please ensure you select the correct destination option. 

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